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Cosmic Heart :: Cacao Ceremony Immersion

online course in intentional medicine for opening the heart

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cacao ceremony

Cosmic Heart Activation

In this online course we will explore the depths of our hearts, come into embodied awareness connecting the cosmic to the earth, through our centered self. We will be drinking cacao, diving into the medicine of this feminine plant. There is something about cacao that opens you up to feeling, through the chemical components, the energetics of the plant and through having intention with your practice.  We will drink cacao and connect through integration of the medicine with heart opening practices.  We drink with intention, with purpose, to enliven your spirit. Included is a meditation with a Heart Activation recording, that features a meditation and sound healing. Invoking poetry and cosmic imagery to connect the self and creative being, is there for your inspiration. These are all a part of the medicine that will be shared through this journey to the Heart Center.

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Schedule of Events

& Retreats

Cacao Ceremony, Heart Activations, Cosmic Self Portrait Workshops, Creative Cultivation Workshops and more.

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Cultivate & Create

Online Immersions

Join us for a journey into the Cosmic Heart. Through embodiment, plant medicine, visual arts, creative writing and healing sounds.

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Cosmic Heart :: Cacao Ceremony Immersion

Heart opening intentional practice with the cacao plant, a heart activation meditation, daily inspiration and imagery to cultivate self love. To build compassion for self and all beings. Drink ceremonial cacao medicine, and dive into the Heart. Opening to Love in embodied connection to the Earth.

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Cosmic Self :: The ARt of Self Portrait

Coming soon.

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Earth Embodiment :: Nature Immersion

Coming soon.

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Love. The medicine for every need.
What is Love. The unfolding union.
The cosmic breath of eternity.

— Julia Corbett
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