Taking Three magical beings into this Cosmic Self program.

Cultivating the inner creative fire through Loving the self. Inviting relationship to nature elements, ritual, meditation, ceremony. Allowing for the flow of Love to guide you, and unlock your gifts.

Interested in the Cosmic Self Program :: Please fill out this application and then we can schedule a 20 minute conversation, see if we are a good fit to work / create together!  

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What is your Intention / Vision in working together ::
Do you have a current practice with mindfulness and meditation, please share ::
How familiar are you with a camera, what is your relationship to it, what do you want to learn through the lens ::
Are you interested in a deeper connection with nature, how so ::
Can you tell me about your relationship to your body, and if thats something you want to tune into working with me ::
What day are you available during the week for a weekly call ::
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Work with me 1 on 1 to cultivate your creativity and love, awareness to the spectrum of reality and all that you can embody. Taking 3 clients to work with, fill out my application, and commit to the work that it takes to live more fully. Through meditation practices, ritual, creative practices. 

$1111 a moon cycle includes 1 weekly call tune in, written material and worksheets to cultivate creativity, in person or virtual cacao ceremony, and an in person or virtual class in the practice of self portraiture. (option to pay in two monthly payments) We will begin on the New Moon in Taurus May 4th.