Cosmic Courses + Workshops

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Cosmic Heart :: Cacao Ceremony Immersion

In this online course we will explore the depths of our hearts, come into embodied awareness connecting the cosmic to the earth, through our centered self. We will be drinking cacao, diving into the medicine of this feminine plant. There is something about cacao that opens you up to feeling, through the chemical components, the energetics of the plant and through having intention with your practice.  We will drink cacao and connect through integration of the medicine with heart opening practices.  We drink with intention, with purpose, to enliven your spirit. Included is a meditation with a Heart Activation recording, that features a meditation and sound healing. Invoking poetry and cosmic imagery to connect the self and creative being, is there for your inspiration. These are all a part of the medicine that will be shared through this journey to the Heart Center.

:: Ceremony - How to + practices

:: Intention Journal - share daily intentions + reflections 

:: Heart Activation meditation

:: printable Love Notes with cosmic imagery 

:: photos + video of ceremony to inspire

:: Integration practices with special guests


Join Julia Corbett and Adriana Rizzolo for an afternoon ceremony, surrounded by nature in Ojai. 

April 7th 2pm to 4pm. 

Julia will facilitate the medicine journey with cacao. Through drinking the cacao we will explore the depths of our hearts, come into embodied awareness connecting the cosmic to the earth, through our centered self. Sounds of nature and sounds of a medicine drum with accompany this experience. All of this will bring you into your body and allow for feeling states to arise and alchemize into awareness. 
After enjoying our cacao, Adriana will guide us in a deep embodiment practice with the heart space, through a Love activation.

There will be a short and gentle hike to our ceremony. Bring something to lie on and layers to warm up as the sun goes down. 

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Cosmic Heart Embodiment Workshop :: Joshua Tree

Join Julia + Melissa as we gather in awareness with the Earth and the Cosmic.  Energy healing and Self Awareness.  Let us open and share our gifts from the Heart.  Let us come together and share in this magic, creating beauty that flows effortlessly with Love.  In nature’s wonder, touching the earth, and utilizing the breath of Life. Here, we are whole. Here, we are present. Here, we are Alive. 

Offering self reflective self portraits, that connect in to the Heart. We will explore the natural world, through the elements and embodiment. Touching the earth, breathing her in. Techniques of embodied movement, and showing up for yourself, how to dance with light and to find your most natural state of being. This is all part of Cosmic Self Photography. 

We will begin our day together gathering at a private oasis in the desert set where the boulders meet the sky.  We will come together and sit in a heart, spirit, and chakra opening tea ceremony with a specially prepared herbal blend.  And with a guided breath and color mediation we will dive deeper into opening our creative channels and the connection to our hearts.  Utilizing specific journal prompts, embodied movement techniques, and photographic guidance from Juila we will begin our self portraiture session out in our magical natural setting.  We will finish the day with a traditional cha dao tea sitting to help integrate our experience.  

Heart opening treats will be provided and each participate will leave with a bag of the specially prepared heart and spirit tea blend to work with at home.


Tarot + Cacao

With Julia Corbett and Mary Grisey

Where :: Altadena, CA

When :: April 9th 11-4pm

1 hour time slots to book in our healing space



Please join Julia and Mary in this immersive experience of the tarot and cacao where we will journey through sipping cacao, a soothing meditation and receive messages from our Higher Self and Spirit Guides. Julia will initiate the medicine journey with cacao infused with neroli from Ojai, and Mary will guide each individual through an immersive meditation where we will drop into a relaxed state of consciousness. Mary will then channel Spirit messages by pulling a personalized tarot spread. As the cacao enters your body, this will allow for a soulful opening to arise and alchemize into awareness so that you may move forward on your soul’s journey with more clarity and purpose.  

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Art of Seeing :: Heart Embodiment Photography Workshop

A workshop on self embodiment and self as muse with Corinna Lander & Julia Corbett

Detailed info coming soon!

Denver, CO // April 27-28th

Day 1:

Cacao & intention setting ceremony 

Embody Flow with Lindsey Long

Art of Seeing - the self embodied  

Question & Journal Prompts

Closing circle 

Day 2:

Opening Tea Ceremony & Breathwork 

Photography Fundamentals

Visualization Meditation 

The Art of Self Portraiture//Self as a Muse 


Essence + Illumination photo ceremony with Corinna and Julia