Cosmic Heart :: Cacao Immersion online course

Cosmic Heart :: Cacao Immersion online course


In this online course we will explore the depths of our hearts, come into embodied awareness connecting the cosmic to the earth, through our centered self. We will be drinking cacao, diving into the medicine of this feminine plant. There is something about cacao that opens you up to feeling, through the chemical components, the energetics of the plant and through having intention with your practice.  We will drink cacao and connect through integration of the medicine with heart opening practices.  We drink with intention, with purpose, to enliven your spirit. Included is a meditation with a Heart Activation recording, that features a meditation and sound healing. Invoking poetry and cosmic imagery to connect the self and creative being, is there for your inspiration. These are all a part of the medicine that will be shared through this journey to the Heart Center.

:: Ceremony - How to + practices

:: Heart Activation meditation

:: Practices to tune into the elements with cosmic poetry 

:: photos + video of ceremony to inspire

:: special guests to guide the integration process including heart opening yoga and sacred mantra.

You will need 

:: ceremonial grade cacao, at least 1oz to start.

:: Intention journal for writing about the experience and your visions + dreams.

:: Small pot for making cacao & a whisk, or thermos plus a securely lidded jar.  

:: Ritual items, not necessary but recommended. Think of earth elements, flowers, incense, smudging bowl or large shell, tapestry fabric, sacred objects, stones, beeswax candles.

:: Sacred space set aside for ceremony, either in your home or in nature, meaning intentionally set up for ceremony or meditation.

Delivery :: information to access this course will be sent upon completion of payment to your email. This is an online course and will be accessed through our website, with downloadable pdf links.

* ceremonial cacao may be purchased here in the Prism Cosmica online shop, or find cacao paste (pure raw cacao) at your local health food shop.

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