Cosmic Self :: Cacao + Portraits >> Ojai, CA

Cosmic Self :: Cacao + Portraits >> Ojai, CA


Cosmic Self 

Connecting to the Heart through nature, ceremony, creativity.

Join Julia Corbett in this immersive experience in the elements to embody your creative being through cacao ceremony, heart meditation, self portraiture. 

Learn techniques of self portrait photography, lighting and form, embodiment through movement, and tuning into the elements of nature.

We will begin with Cacao Ceremony to tune into the heart space, open up the channels of feeling and connecting our body to the earth. 

We will meditate with the elements, and I will guide you through a channeled cosmic heart meditation.

We will tune into intention, and share through depth of connection and presence, through a writing exercise and sharing words.

We will explore the practice of self portraiture, how tos and the potency of this work as a healing art. Leading you through movement, embracing the elements, light and space.

You will recieve a cosmic portrait during our session as well, taken by Julia and delivered via email. 

Ojai, CA

June 9th 4-7pm

Exchange $122

Space is limited to 8 participants

Julia Corbett creates dreamscape imagry and cosmic portraits taken in nature, with the elements and communicating with higher spirit. She invites you to come into deeper self awareness through presence with the elements of nature and your inner light.

Notes ::

*Exact location will be sent a few days prior, but will be located in Ojai CA. Please be prepared for a short nature walk. Bring a blanket, water, journal and mug for cacao, plus a camera with a self timer such as a phone, digital or film camera and a tripod if you have one.

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