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Julia Corbett has been practicing the art of self portraiture for the past four years, and photography since she was a teen. The self portraits began as a way to connect with the body, to see how it moved and flowed, so she could photograph others in a meaningful way, beyond the posed smile. It goes into the realm of the cosmic, and connecting it back to the earth in a tangible way, connecting with the elements, living beings, and capturing the relationship between them all. It evokes a feeling. Through using layers of nature and prismatic light, Julia creates dreamscape portraits and cosmic self imagery. 

For the past 10 years Julia has been working with the cacao plant, which first began as a culinary relationship through two different dessert companies she founded, and evolved into a more heart centered awareness practice with cacao ceremony. A relationship built to last ;) The deeper the dive, into intention and listening to what wants to be unearthed, the more beauty becomes of the process. Cacao gives access to the heart, to deeper feeling, and can facilitate the process of unfolding the self, through layers hidden in feeling. All allowed to surface through the heart. Such welcomed magic and mystery in this plant.

Work with me, collaborations are welcome!

Contact :: Julia Corbett

email :: alchemygoddess@gmail.com



Cacao Ceremony :: Private ceremony or group work

Pure cacao medicine is a guide through the Heart Center. Experience a magical blend of pure wild harvested Ecuadorian cacao and spices, to awaken the bliss body and connect to our inner being, our beauty, our creative center.

Private cacao ceremony :: join in ceremony with me, out in nature or your home. I invite you to dive into the magic of cacao with me. we will drink cacao medicine infused with heart opening herbs and create a space for you to sit with the elements, to feel your heart opening, to gently release what is not serving you and to invite in your intentions. we will have a simple altar set up, we will listen to natures sounds, and i will guide a meditation with the earth. from there we will intuitively listen to the energy and move through with the cacao medicine. come sit with nature, your self, and the love that holds us all. 

Cacao is a plant that awakens the body through heart opening chemicals and nutrients. when taken in its pure form (ie not chocolate) and consumed with intention, it is a powerful plant ally. it opens us to the full spectrum of feeling, our hearts are allowed to drop in, and to feel the body relaxing and opening. this is a feminine earth medicine. invite this magic into your life, let the prisms awaken, and embody your most true self in compassion and love. 

Sourced from Ecuador, the wild harvested cacao used in ceremony is from 100 yr old trees in the highland mountains, fed by spring water and harvested by hand. This cacao is then processed by fermenting, washing, winnowing & stone grinding the cacao into a pure paste. It is tested for purity and is free from toxins that can occur in improperly processed cacao. This is the form that is used in ceremony, where the paste is dissolved back into its liquid state through heat and alchemized with spring water and a special blend of herbs and spices.

If you are interested in hosting cacao ceremony at your retreat, workshop, or local studio, contact me!

Or Lets explore a private one on one ceremony :: $144 We will go deep into the medicine of cacao, with an Embodied Heart Meditation, connecting with the elements, intention and sharing of intimate conversation, oracle reading and nature immersion.

Couples Sessions :: $222 for an intimate experience where we go into connection with the heart space together. In clear communication we will share the cacao through individual writing and sharing of our desires and intentions.

Cacao Ceremony at retreats :: $444 for up to 8 people, additional persons at $33 each.

email Julia // alchemygoddess@gmail.com

Cosmic Photo Sessions

Schedule a Cosmic Photo Session in a gorgeous natural setting, bathed in the light of the sun. I offer sessions in Ojai and the Los Angeles area currently, with options to travel. Lets meet in a setting of beauty; the ocean, the hills, forest or a garden. Here we will explore the self, to get into a state of openness, where we will find connection between the heart & nature. Imbibe in the pure elements of the earth, share some cacao and let us make some imagery that inspires & shares the message you have to give the world! 

We can explore the Cosmic Self, a session of portraiture in relationship to the elements of nature. We can explore a Cosmic Business Session, where we go deeper into your offerings and share a spectrum of your gifts including portraits. We can explore a Cosmic Film Session where I take you on an ephemeral journey with the camera, feeling into each moment. Let me know what calls to you!

Here is an overview of my offerings, with more details on my photo website, link below.

Cosmic Sessions combo of digital and/or film :: $577 2 1/2 hr (11 regular edit shots plus 3 cosmic edits, 11 or more film scans) plus 1 hour cacao or tea ceremony to begin your session.

Business sessions :: $1111 3-4 hours up to two locations // indoor + outdoor options for business, website, social media. (33 regular edits plus 5 cosmic edits, 11 or more film scans) plus cacao or tea ceremony to begin our session. Includes two visioning calls prior to our photo session.

Cosmic Self Creative Session :: $1555 3 hour shoot plus creative artistry sessions (includes two 1hr phone calls, and personal feedback and questions through email before the shoot and teaching session) (33 regular edits plus 5 cosmic edits, 11 or more film scans) plus cacao or tea ceremony to begin our session. We will explore the art of self portraiture and I will teach you how to take your own portraits, through embodiment practices, lighting and composition and self reflection.

Julia’s photography website :: juliadiane.com

INTAKE FORM :: if you are interested in booking, please fill out this form so I can tune in and see what session is best for you, and to begin the process of collaboration. Click Below >>


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